Tips and Preparation Ideas 

Two Weeks Out


  • Pack the bulk of your items.  Begin packing out of season and less frequently used items first. Be sure to keep like items in the same box.
    • Label each box clearly with a black felt tip pen.
    • If items are fragile or need special handling indicate this on your box.
    • Be sure to indicate the room where the box will go in your new house. 
    • If packing china and fragile glassware, your movers should have dish pack boxes and paper for sale.  
  • Leave all clothing and soft goods in dressers, chest of drawers and night stands. Pack all small breakable or loose items you have stored in them.
  • Complete a change-of-address form online ( or at the post office.
  • Notify magazines, newspapers, banks, and credit card companies of your new address.

One Week Out


  • Properly dispose of any flammable or hazardous materials that are prohibited to be included with your Household Goods Shipment. Give away or dispose of any opened containers that could leak causing damage to your cargo.
  • Finish packing. Set aside 

Day Before


  • Do a walk-through before movers arrive to make sure everything is packed.
  • Make sure to pack any items you wish you move yourself in your personal vehicle.  Such as jewelry, medicine, fire arms, and high value items.
  • Give keys to the real estate agent or landlord.

Day of Move


  • Arrange for someone to direct the movers at your new home.
  • Check items off the inventory list as they are unloaded.
  • Inspect for damages. Photograph relevant items before signing the bill of lading.
  • Test faucets, toilets, utilities, phones, smoke detectors, and security systems.
  • Set thermostats and turn on water heater if necessary.
  • Begin to unpack.
  • Flatten boxes. Set them out for recycling, or store in your attic for future needs. 

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